Greetings Brothers of the Mighty 2nd District 

I greet you in the name of the Supreme Basileus of the Universe.  Welcome to the 76th District Meeting of the Mighty 2nd District. Brother Keir Pemberton, District Marshal, and the brothers of Zeta Iota Iota, have been working tirelessly to put on an exceptional District Meeting for you at the Valley Forge Casino Resort, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

This is a pivotal time for Omega, and we look forward to a productive meeting as we execute the Fraternity’s business.  We are going to be faced with very important decisions that will shape the future of our beloved organization. We as Omega men must stay focused and be willing to put forth the effort it takes to make a positive impact on our community and nation. 

 The 2nd District Meeting provides an opportunity for personal involvement in the programs and projects of the fraternity. As we view our experiences through the archway of past accomplishments, we can evaluate present performances and determine desirable goals for future achievements.

While we assemble in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, to celebrate the 76th annual Second District Meeting, as District Representative, I challenge each of you to the following:

1. To attend and to participate in all of our Plenary Sessions.

2. To promote our high standards, principles and positive image of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

3. To enjoy the many social activities that have been planned for us by the Brothers and Quettes of Zeta Iota Iota Chapter

I look forward to a weekend of excellence and excitement.  Long live the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., the Second District Meeting, and the principles upon which we were founded.

 Let us always remember and never forget the “Friendship Is Essential To The Soul”

In Friendship,

Delrecole C. Gales Sr.

38th District Representative